Defamation Guideline





  1. 配信を妨げるようなコメントの投稿
  2. プライバシーを侵すような行為
  3. 名誉毀損行為
  4. 配信者、リスナーの心を傷つける行為、コメント
  5. 対象SNS(及びダイレクトメッセージ)への過剰異常な送信行為
  6. 配信活動に関連する用途以外のDM使用
  7. 恋愛感情の印象があるDM送信行為(どちら側から関わらず恋愛関係になる行為)
  8. 性別、病気、民族、人種差別的発言
  9. 事務所、会社向けの誹謗中傷
  10. その他事務所側が不適切と判断した場合




  • 警察への届け出
  • IPアドレスの開示を要請し人物特定
  • 損害賠償




bond has established the following guidelines for the prevention of disruptive behavior, which defines acts that harm distributors or obstruct distribution as slanderous, defamatory, or disruptive behavior.

We will take legal action in the event that any of these actions are taken. We ask that you comply with the following rules to ensure appropriate communication with our Talents.

Range of Harassment

  1. Comments that interfere with stream
  2. Action’s that will violate our talent’s privacy
  3. Act of defamation
  4. Comment and act’s will harm our Talent’s and viewers
  5. Excessive and abnormal sending to the target social media (and direct messages)
  6. DM use other than for purposes related to streaming activities
  7. Acts of sending DMs that give the impression of romantic feelings
  8. Any harmful comment or post includes sexual , racial, cultural or hate full speech’s about people with disabilities
  9. Post’s will harm bondlive EN’s reputation
  10. Any other cases that the bondlive EN deems inappropriate.

Response to Violations

In the event of slander or defamation of both talent and viewers, violations or acts that interfere with the operation of the office, we will take action through our contracted legal counsel’s office.

  • Pursuit of responsibility
  • Report to public, administrative, and legal enforcement
  • Compensation for damages
    ※If you are a member of the community and witness any violations, please “report” or “block” the offending party.

※Please note that these guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Counseling (for victims and related parties)

Please contact us from the following email.
If you are a talent belonging to bondlive EN, please contact your manager.

This is a staging enviroment